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EcoBrite Linen

Get To Know Us

Who We Are

EcoBrite was founded in 2015 to provide an outsourced laundry solution for the long term care industry. While the majority of hospitals outsource their laundry in Northern Illinois, only about 5% of nursing homes were outsourcing. The two primary reasons were; a preconception that it is too costly, and the lack of providers that were focused on this market. For the typical hospital laundry provider, a nursing home is an afterthought and the lack of interest showed in the pricing and service.

What We Do

EcoBrite provides a turn-key healthcare linen and laundry service for nursing homes and hospitals. Our focus on your specific market allows us to provide an unparalleled service at a lower cost than our competition, and even less than your on premise laundry. We offer linen service*, laundry service for facility owned linen and residents’ personal items, table linen, housekeeping linen and specialty items. *Utilizing our linen. If we launder your linen the cost is higher. This is because the efficiency we achieve in our highly automated processes.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide high quality, cost efficient, off-site linen and laundry services for the skilled nursing industry. Processing linen in our state of the art plant will provide consistent and higher quality control. Our plant will operate very efficiently allowing us to provide a higher quality product at a lower cost, while eliminating the entire laundry component from the facilities administration.

Our Focus

Our focus on this specific market niche allowed us to develop streamlined and cost efficient processes. Off-site linen services have become the standard throughout the East Coast over the last twenty years. The introduction of this service into the Illinois market presents a key growth opportunity.

Our Commitment

Water use reduced by more than 85% as compared to in-house laundries, safe for the environment, EPA approved, only non-toxic substances such as water, biodegradable soap and steam are used, our garments look cleaner, last longer, feel softer, look brighter and smell fresher and no allergic reactions.

Company Owned Laundry & Patient Owned Laundry

Why choose EcoBrite

Our Added Value


Laundry operations are heavy consumers of water, chemicals, electricity and natural gas. In a plant setting, the utilization factors are drastically less.


The quality standard achieved in a plant setting is higher due to economies of scale allowing for superior equipment, stain management removal, and easy linen replacement.


Offsite laundry operation eliminates maintenance expenses and hassle.


Productivity per man-hour in our plant is substantially higher than in a nursing facility. Assembly line operations along with equipment automation significantly reduce labor costs


Fewer personnel means less management. The entire linen/laundry operation is removed from the facility management.


With completely outsourced linen and laundry, the facility can recapture use of the laundry space for other purposes.


Ongoing usage and cost reports will enable facilities to control and manage costs.


In-house laundry costs (like most costs in the skilled nursing care industry) are calculated on a PPD (patient per day) basis.