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About Ecobrite Linen

We are Chicagoland’s premier healthcare linen and laundry service for long-term and acute care facilities.

Our goal is to provide high quality, cost efficient, off-site linen and laundry services for the skilled nursing industry. Processing linen in our state of the art plant will provide consistent and higher quality control.

Our focus on this specific market niche allowed us to develop streamlined and cost efficient processes. Off-site linen services have become the standard throughout the East Coast over the last twenty years.

Savings, Value Analysis & Service Overview

EcoBrite has developed a questionnaire, which will provide with accurate laundry utilization data, labor, and cost. Customer will be presented with a report detailing the results as well as the methodology employed for these calculations. A clear and concise presentation of the benefits in utilizing EcoBrite’s services will be provided. Customer will also receive a detailed description of the service offered and how each concern will be handled.

We recognize the linen is a critical component of your operation. There is no tolerance of even the slightest linen shortage. Considering that delivery can be hampered by technical failures or weather, we will maintain sufficient par values at each facility to allow for potential mishaps. In the same vein the plant will maintain its own par value. The overall plant design maintenance protocol is aimed at ensuring the reliability of our systems. We will be operating redundant systems wherever feasible.