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Products & Services

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Provided as part of our general/laundry services

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Services for customer owned linen (not recommended – more costly)

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Services for patient owned laundry

All the above services will be provided as a turnkey package to customers. These services will predominantly replace one of three current structures:

✓ In-house, outsourced laundry services utilizing customer’s equipment and utilities.

✓ In-house self-managed laundry, using customer’s own staff.

✓ Outsourced linen to large companies that predominantly provide these services to large hospitals and do not place their prime focus on the skilled nursing industry.

company owned goodsCOMPANY OWNED GOODS 

Dirty linen offloaded from delivery trucks will be scanned in (utilizing RFID technology) and the systemwill log in the quantities and the nursing facilities. At this point, the linen becomes part of Eco Brite’sgeneral inventory. Linen is then loaded into a tunnel batch washer. This machine is one of the central defining components of industrial laundry. It can wash as much as 4500lbs. per operating hour or 36,000lbs per operating shift. The washed linen is then sorted by type. Sorted laundry is stored in slings and sent off either to be tumble-dried or ironed depending on the item. Flatwork is fed into feeders, which spreads and feeds them through ironers directly into folder/stackers that output stacks of linen ready for cart packing for delivery. Tumble-dried pieces are also fed into folder/stackers. A conveyor carries the folded and stacked clean laundry to be packed into carts and ready for delivery to customer.

company owned goodsPATIENT GOODS

The plant will have a totally separate operation for the patients’ personal goods. These will be placed into large mesh bags 1 per patient. Smaller commercial washer extractors and driers will be utilized to wash and dry patient goods in their bags. The will be hung or folded and returned to bags for delivery to facility. Bags will have RFID tags to identify the facility and patient they belong to. Bags will be weighed coming in and again after processing to ensure that nothing is missing.